Blitzkrieg Defence Solutions

Defence Research and
Development Organization

Foremost in the market when it comes to ballistic protection, Cavalier’s Blitzkrieg Defense Solutions offers the best of personal protection equipment at competitive prices without compromising on quality. Part of a joint venture with Jankel Armoring, a global name in ballistic protection design, Blitzkrieg has access to resources and specialist knowledge that ensure the safety and ease of our clients.

Our light-weight body armor is created not only to withstand attack, but also to refrain from wearing down the user, while vehicular armor keeps personnel inside the vehicle safe. Diligent and painstaking research conducted on the impacts of ballistic weaponry on different materials has allowed the company to understand what is required of ballistic protection to the smallest detail, and our solutions are created accordingly to ascertain that our clients receive quality and durability in safety, at the lowest cost to them.


Blitzkrieg Defence Solutions

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