Business Overview

Cavalier Group

Founded by Waseem Pasha in 1997
Comprising 7 companies across 5 verticals.

As pioneers in many fields, the Cavalier group of companies commits itself to making our clients’ lives easier and their loftiest goals achievable. We do this by tailoring solutions and services to our clientele’s specific requirements. With 25 years of combined experience across different industries, we have solidified our high standing in each industry by providing clients with services and solutions that stand the test of time.

The Cavalier group of companies comprises seven distinct entities that each serve a decided industry with originality and dedication.


The fact that our company is broadly diversified, permits us to leverage our proprietary technologies to create powerful competitive advantages across many different segments in the Defence Sector.


We seamlessly merge international expertise with our specialist knowledge to allow our clients to receive the very best of the products, solutions, and services that they require.